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Ausarian Initiation


Ausar, Osiris, The One

The Chief Religious Practice Of Kamit (Ancient Egypt) Ausar (Osiris in Greek) represents the synthesis of the divine laws and principles that make up man’s divinity. Realizing one’s divinity is essential to mastering the powers of the spirit.

In Kamitic (ancient Egypt) spiritual science “Ra” is not the Sun God, as Egyptologists often portray it, but is the body of energy that is responsible for all manifestations in the world. It is directed by God’s consciousness and will and also by the consciousness and will in the man/woman that has realized his/her divinity. Considering that this Initiation system resulted in ancient Kamit’s awesome worldly accomplishments in the areas of medicine, architecture, mathematics, government, art, agriculture, religion and overall social stability, people from around the globe are beginning to engage in the Ausarian Initiation.

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Black history month, film festival

Black History Month, United States

Film Festival Schedule

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The 72 mantras set to music

Just Released! A two CD collection of the 72 words of Power of Metu Neter volume 6 by Ra Un Nefer Amen, set to music.

The two CD collection of the 72 words of power provides brief examples of how to chant the words of power. The melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and tempo assist in calling forth the emotions that characterize the various personalities that are associated with each mantra. Invoking the emotion of a personality is the key to awakening and empowering the mantra.

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Winter Solstice, How to celebrate

The Winter Solstice begins December 22nd, 5:30am (GMT), 12:30am EST and ends Dec. 25thmidnight. Everything that happens in your spirit, good and bad, is directly determined by your spirit. If you do not care for the way your life is going, it is because there are instructions that you have given to your spirit to manifest what is going on in your life, or you have accepted ideas from people around you and in the world that are mobilizing the forces of your spirit in the wrong direction.

Once the spirit has accepted a mandate, it will work at manifesting it regardless of the consequences to you—hence the host of inner conflicts, and negative events that people go through seemingly unable to resist, stop or to modify. There is a time of the year, however, when the spirit is 100% receptive to the will, and for a change in direction. This is the Winter Solstice. It is the time of year to initiate the most important life changing event in man’s life.

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Winter Solstice 2011

The Winter Solstice:
The most important spiritual time of the year
@ 12PM

  • Learn about the spiritual impact of the Winter solstice on your personal life as well as its effects on the world.
  • See how to take advantage of this time of year to shape your future.
  • Find out about the Solstice detoxification and meditation.

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