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Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen

Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen is the author of several books which have enjoyed international circulation. He is the leading scholar on the subject of ancient Egyptian spirituality and philosophy having studied and taught extensively on the subject for more than 40 years. Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen is the only modern Black author to have written technical instruction manuals on ancient African Spiritual, Meditation and Cosmological systems, providing readers and students with the necessary instructions to integrate this ancient knowledge into a spiritually empowering and practical way of life.

His unique insight into the spiritual systems of ancient Black civilizations (including Kamit/Taui [ancient Egypt], Sumer, Canaan [ancient Palestine], Kush [Ethiopia], Nubia and Indus Kush [Black India]) has made him one of the most recognized and respected author in his field.

A partial list of some of the books he has authored includes:

  • The seminal “Metu Neter, Vol. 1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and The Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation”
  • THRU “Metu Neter, Vol. 7”,
  • “Not Out of Greece: African Origins of Western Civilization”
  • “An Afrocentric Guide to a Spiritual Union”
  • “Bazi Success Strategies”
  • “Maat The 11 Laws of God”

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