The Ausar Auset Society

Chicago Region



The Dramatization of the timeless African tale
“The Ausarian Metophoreine”
The prophetic story of the warrior Heru, King Ausar and Queen Mother Auset
acted out by audience volunteers!

Adults $8
Children $5





Kamitic Spirituality

Judgement scene

Kamitic spirituality is aimed at the cultivation of Man’s Divine Self (Theology of Ausar) and Man’s Divine Spirit (Theology of Ra).

The Theology of Ausar is the basis of the Five “High” Holy Ceremonies of the year, and aimed at the realization of man’s oneness with God (Neter). It encompasses all faculties of the Spirit and spans the entire cycle of a year.

The Theology of Ra is the basis of the 12 lunar ceremonies of the year and is concerned with the development of man’s spiritual faculties.

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